I am a post-operative transsexual and following my gender reassignment surgery, I consulted a Somatic Sexologist. The help I received made such a difference to my life that I decided to train, in order to help other people. I am now qualified to practise Sexological Bodywork, a wonderful way of connecting you at the deepest level, through sensual and erotic touch, with your physical body. I will introduce you to your new world of sensuality, far beyond what you have imagined to be your personal limits.

Somatic means, ‘Relating to the body, as distinct from the mind.’ Sexual healing takes place mainly in the body, not in the mind, so Sexological Bodywork works by focusing on physical contact with the body, teaching and learning about the body and what pleases it, what feels good and how much you can enjoy your body’s sensations.

By touching you, and teaching you to touch yourself, I will show you how to make the most of your personal sensuality, reaching levels of sexual satisfaction and fulfilment that we are all capable of reaching, but few ever really achieve. In sensation, in sexuality, like everything else, we need to learn and be taught, to enable us to find out how it works.

I will help you reconnect with your essential sensual and sexual nature. I find great satisfaction in helping you become confident in your sensual and sexual expression. I will help you to experience a sense of calm and understanding, and have an opportunity to reconnect with your sexual self. I believe that sexual satisfaction and pleasure is attainable for all and I will help you to find your way of achieving this.

I will work with anyone who needs my help, for whatever reason. Being transgendered gives me a unique perspective on the kinds of difficulties trans-people can experience in connecting with their own bodies, their sexuality and their sensual beings, so I am particularly happy to work with trans-persons, at any stage during your journey.

The following pages describe two types of Bodywork Massage session with me, in some detail. Whilst there is some overlap between the types of massage I can offer you, you’ll see that there are variations in the depth and type of touch and contact you choose to enjoy. Each session is planned and designed for you and your personal needs, with your agreement at every stage.